Jul 10, 2012


Dark rainy clouds lurking above me, the smell of damp soil titillating my olfactory senses, the cool breeze laden with moisture - all evokes nostalgic feelings of experiencing the monsoons in Kerala itself. Now, I know why I fell in love with this city when I reached here last year around this time of the year. Delhi, a city of extremes is embracing monsoons adoringly.
So what are you waiting for?? Go out, enjoy the occasional sunshine, experience the cool breeze, get drenched in rain, splash the semisolid mud, eat the grilled maize on your way home, dry yourself with a towel, turn the fan on and shiver a little more. Now take that old pair of Jean and cotton shirt from beneath your pile of clothes in the rack; wear it and feel the warmth, prepare a cup of coffee, goto the verandah and make a call to that special someone while sipping your coffee. After that, turn on the T.V. and watch some cartoon shows dubbed in a regional language (it's insanely fun, I say). If you haven't done the workout for the day, do it now and get heated up. Get a shower after that. Now, it's study time. Study hard until you get the call from your gastric organs. I prefer the soft spongy dosa to the paper roast. And some coconut chutney mixed with mustard fried in coconut oil - it's a perfect combo. After your dinner, call your mom (because she'll always be happy to hear that you have had your food just then), discuss about your plans to dad and then poke your sister. By now, it's probably bedtime - time for Robert Frost or Rabindranath Tagore for the poetically inclined. Read a bunch of poems, wonder how beautiful the word is, in their eyes. Now I'm feeling sleepy.
Miles to go before I sleep??
Nah.. Chuck that... I'll cover that extra mile tomorrow.. Sweet monsoon dreaamzz...