Apr 25, 2010

A Midsummer’s night dream

             A Midsummer’s night dream 
                 The stars to winkle
                 its eyes in dizziness,

          The silvery moon to Grace the occasion;
          and to spread its aroma around.

                 The sporadic cool breeze
                 to whisper its secrets in melody;
                 The misty air which seems like
                  celestial damsel spreading her drape.
                  Silently I moved the curtain veils off;
                  Enjoyed it till the dawn.

                  My sleep, I guess, the damsel stole;
                  Until she lifted herself up towards the heaven.

India, a garden

India is a garden,
Hundred crores are laden.

Different regions and different religions,
Different castes and different colors;
All like the colors of the garden,
All like the flowers of the garden.

Gandhi, Buddha, born in this land,
And I’m proud to live in this sand.

And I have a vision,
A vision with a passion;
About the country’s might
To the Everest’s height

And in this garden let us bloom
To move away the world’s gloom;

And spread our eternal fragrance...