Apr 18, 2016

What's up with your life? Nothing Much...

When someone asks you, "What's up with your life?" or just, "How's your day?", have you ever tried telling the truth assuming the person asking the question really wants to know about you? We are much comfortable giving a meaningless answer such as "I'm doing fine" or "Nothing much", but is that really what your life and day is all about? I feel we take things for granted. There must be a hundred awesome things around us for any person at any given time.
  • Try to wiggle your toes just as you wake up and feel the minute electric impulse running down your spine. 
  • Try to brush your teeth using your other hand and give yourself an extra wide smile after doing that.
  • Try to bathe in extra cold water and shiver a bit by turning on the fan - when your dry yourself; you'll feel extra comfy - the cold bath is worth it.  
  • Try feeling the fabric of your cloth before wearing it. (Woah! the smell of the fresh detergent on the old linen shirt I'm wearing right now - ecstatic!). 
  • Try to add a lil ginger in your tea or may be palm sugar in your coffee and try to deliberately savour the difference. 
  • Try to read a quote by some dreamy poet before setting out to work. 
  • Notice the first flower or patch of green. 
  • Use a pencil and paper to write down the task list for the day; the bolder the pencil lead, the better. 
  • Run your fingers over your keyboard and feel it before you fire up your laptop. 
  • Smile at your co-workers like they told you a happy news, every day. 
  • Lunch with your friends; change the location every other day. 
  • You may have a car, yet try to use your bike(bicycle) often for smaller distances. 
  • When calling your mom, start with, "Hey gorgeous..."
  • When your junior calls you, ask them about their work, and say, "I'm proud of you!". And of course, mean it. 
  • Endeavour to learn something new every day. Anything is fine. And log it somewhere. 
  • Endeavour to cook your meal, at least once a day; eventually you'll get better at it even if you don't know to cook. 
  • Plan for an awesome life-time vacation and learn everything about that place. 
  • Install the Duolingo app and start learning foreign language - it's so intuitive. 
  • Track your sleep; aspire for a good sleep and be happy in the morning if you got a good nigh't sleep. 
  • Prepare a map of all the places you've visited and annotate it. Pin this at your work desk. 
  • Step on a lush green grass barefoot wherever you're allowed to. 
  • Celebrate the lil successes of your team members. 
Your life is awesome. Start noticing it. And the next time someone asks you, "How was your day?", surprise them with your answer. 


  1. After a one year gap..JK's words on blog...Wonderful thoughts...:)
    How was your day JK?

    1. Thanks Deepa.. My day is wonderful. It's spring here, transitioning into a gentle summer with daily rains. I'm literally sleeping to the pitter-pattering of the rain drops at night. And a lot of chirping birds outside my window makes it look like bliss. And what's more, my first book just got published. To flip through my own book and smell its pages feels heavenly.

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