May 14, 2010

We cry because we're humans

Humans are the only primates that cry emotionally. No other animals are thought to produce tears in response to emotional states, although this is disputed by some scientists.
I still remember how I shed tears unconsciously  just watching Taare Zammen Par and even 'The Pursuit of Happiness' a few days ago. Leave alone those vicarious tears, I admit that I have cried at least twice this month for other reasons.. But  I felt better after shedding those tears. So I feel that it's not bad or unmanly to cry, unless it is crocodile tears...


  1. i remember crying after sachin was stumped in 1996 at Eden gardens!

    it is okay to cry.. if it is for a girl, i believe it is not worth the pain!

  2. hay... no feelings da... Every thing will be fine...